Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woodbury Forest

Thomas Moran
Woodbury Forest is deep and expansive, and keeps its secrets well hidden. A seeming impenetrable wall of foliage runs the length of the Merchant's Republic to the north, the Gulf of Danu to the south, and the Southron Sea to the east.

Long ago, before The Shattering, it is said that forest grew continually from the heart of the Elvish homeland. What damage was done when the woodlands were sundered apart, none now know. One remnants of the Via Imperia still winds through the darkened boughs of Woodbury, but few dare take it.

Efforts to keep the roads clear of the ever encroaching forest are sometimes met with tragedy, as if a sentient force from the forest opposed such efforts. Bandits often strike from and retreat into the forest.
Hunting parties seldom travel more than half a day's journey into the woods.

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