Saturday, February 11, 2012

Of the Gods: Phanes, God of Fauna

Phanes is "The Horned God". He is lord of all natural creatures, including Man. He is the God of Life, and held in highest regard among all other gods throughout Calabria. He is sometimes depicted with rams horns, at other times with the antlers of a stag. He represents the connectedness of all living things to one another. He is Master of the Wild Hunt, which is said to guide the spirits of the slain to the the afterlife. He is the god of fertility, passion, and art.

Carlos Schwabe

The seveth day of the week is Phanesdag, marking the seventh day of Creation when man and the other animals came into the world.

Carl Friedrich Deiker

N.C. Wyeth

Diana, Archon of animals, taught the skills of hunting, shepherding, and animal husbandry.

The festival of Phanes is in mid Spring, and is the most joyous of all festivals in Calabria. A child born on this day is said to be particularly blessed.

The pomegranate is a symbols of Phanes, as is the foliate egg.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The undead shun the symbol of Phanes. Some few mortals who walk in his path have power over them.