Saturday, October 8, 2011

Of Wyrms and Wyverns

Edward Burne Jones
Wyrms (Lindworms) are said to be relatives of the draconian breed. They vary so widely in form and affection, it is almost impossible to detail their specific traits. Wyrms are attuned to each of the elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Time. As such, a wyrm may appear, as if from nothing, in the middle of a field sprung up from the earth, or swimming in a tidal cave on the coast. They are flightless, but the existence of legs and the number of such varies, as does their overall length and girth. They are fortunately a rare occurrence in Calabria, seldom plaguing a region more than once or twice in a generation.

Wyverns are Wyrms of air. They are like Lindworms in many ways, excepting they are quite capable of flight. Wyverns tend to all be much of the same size, and in Calabria keep to mountainous regions for the most part. However, domestic animals are not free from danger. Reports of Wyverns attacking people are rare.

Fortunately, neither Wyrms nor Wyverns have the cunning of Dragons of old, nor do they reach such great size.

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