Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Shattering

Shatterworld History

Shatterworld is named from the pivotal moment in the world's history, The Shattering. 1300 years in the past, the Shattering was a ritual performed by the The Archons, high servants of The Seven.

Thomas Cole

In the dawn of creation, all the lands were united, and the Archons were sent by The Seven as stewards over the land. For each of the Seven who had a hand in the creation of the world, an Archon was incarnated. They ruled each over the domains of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Forestation, Creatures, and Time. Together, they taught The Way.
The Creatures of the world lived in isolation or in harmony, until an 8th Archon arrived, who was a purveyor of illusion. As discord grew among the nations, and nations grew in might, wielding the powers revealed to them by the Archons, all Creation was threatened with destruction. The Archons of the elements joined together and performed The Shattering, scattering the lands and those that inhabited them. Whether the Archons were destroyed in the ritual, called back by those who sent them, or chose to retreat from the eyes of men, none know.

What is known is that the lore of the Archons is mostly forgotten. There are those who retain fragments of what was once known, and those who are ever on the hunt to find hidden in the ruins of lost empires, knowledge that was once commonplace.

John Martin

The echos of the old religion remain. Imperial Cathedrals to The Seven still stand in decay, housing shrines to each of The Seven. Yet over time each of The Seven have spawned their own following. Cults, shrines, and guilds devoted to each of the Elementals, as well as the healing of creatures and the shepherding of the woodlands and crops, have replaced The Way.

Without the guidance of The Archons, those who were once followers of The Way are now called magicians, wizards, priests, and druids; their knowledge divided and a shadow of what it once was.
And Time marches on…

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