Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Freehold is a rolling land of shepherds, flocks, streams, and lakes. It is home to many a village, with a populace that tends keeps to themselves. It is for this reason that the Halflings who settled in Calabria and made their homes here chose Freehold as their home.

There are of course many areas of wilderness, where wolves, bears, and more unsavory creatures prowl. Care must be taken for predators from above as well.
Frederick Edwin Church
Gryphons are protected by bounty of course, and when one proves to be a nuisance, the Gryphonym can be appealed to to intervene. However, in most cases the loss of livestock is the price of doing business with the Gryphonym, and finding a sympathetic ear is a rare occurrence.

Wyverns are another common occurrence, to which the locals have developed numerous deterrents.

When more imposing predators appear, mercenaries are contracted to speed their departure.

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