Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iron and Silver Hills

It is said that the Silver Hills, which overlook the Northren sea, are but the foothills of the great swath of mountains that lie in the Dwarven homeland to the north. Once connected as a single chain of mountains, the Silver Hills were sundered from their greater parents at The Shattering.The hills are known for their namesake, silver mines, but also derive their name from the shimmering sylvan setting. Many a traveller has been known to lose their way in the hills, lost in reverie of a time long ago. Orcs, trolls, and the occasional hill giant have been known to make their home here. Mischievous goblins are much more common, both above and underground. Ancient clans live in the hills, holding to their own traditional ways,which predate the empire. Tradition has it that remnants of Dwarven strongholds still lie in the Hills, buried beneath the rubble of lost generations. None who have ventured to prove such tales have been known to succeed.

Herman Herzog
Far higher, and in the west of Calabria, lie the Iron Hills. Still dwarfed by mountains in neighboring lands, the Iron Hills are nearly double the height of the Silver Hills. The range is home to the Gryphonym, ancient stewards of the gryphons of Calabria. The peaks are treacherous and imposing, particularly in winter, and the dead weight of the mountains give clout to the range's name. Many are the unexplored or forgotten valleys, deep within the range. Rumors of Mountain giants, hidden treasure, and dragon's gold are the fluff of fireside tales. The Iron Hills form an imposing barrier between the Merchant's Republic and the Confederacy of Traders.
Herman Herzog

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