Friday, October 7, 2011

Concerning Giants

Arthur Rackham
Folktales of giants abound in Calabria. Where truth meets imagination is hard to say, for in fact few people in Calabria have ever seen a giant. There are those in Freehold, who swear their parents saw the day a giant strolled by carrying a cow on his back, half a dozen pigs from his belt, and an assortment of sheep in a sack, all lively and protesting with all their effort, and the giant paying them not a bit of mind.

Stories of giants as small as a tall man, to giants looming over the tops of castle towers, all grace the evening hearths when the day's work is done and supper has been served.

From Birg Nor come tales of Frost Giants, and from across the Southren Sea, Fire Giants. Mountain Giants to the West, and Cloud Giants in tomes of forgotten lore. What is common to all giant tales however, is that their great size and strength is counterbalanced by their slow wit.

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