Saturday, October 8, 2011

Concerning Gnomes

Arthur Rackham
Gnomes belong to the forest. Often mistaken for Dwarves, Gnomes love things that are green and lush, and couldn't bear to dwell under the earth away from light. They tend to live in natural hillsides, or in hollowed out trees. Famed among the trees of the Gnomish homeland are Lockhorn trees, towering to heights of over 400 feet. The wood of these trees is prized throughout the world, and Gnomes guard them enviously.

Reported to be good natured and inquisitive, Gnomes are seldom seen in Calabria, and none are known to live there. Their craft at metalworking is said to rival that of Dwarves. Many of the famous swords of legend are said to be Gnomish made. However, Gnomes are just as likely to be happy shaping a drinking goblet as they are an instrument of warfare.

They are said to be similar in size to Halflings, although not as handsome to behold.

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