Friday, October 7, 2011

Concerning Dwarves

Carl Spitzweg
Dwarves are diminutive beings, shorter than men but varying greatly in stock and height. Some Dwarves are solitary, while others live in large communities or cities. They may live above or below ground, but they seldom traffic with humans. Common to all Dwarves is their affinity for the earth, and their innate talent for shaping stone. They revere Gaia, the Earth Goddess above all others. Their structures, like their skin, clothing, and art, is commonly comprised of muted earth tones.

Their homeland lies across the Northren Sea, with Stonehaven their greatest city. Dwarves in Calabria may sometimes be found as foremen among the silver mines in the north.  There is also rumoured to be a family or two of Dwarves living near Birg Nor. Tales of solitary Dwarves in the Silver or Iron Hills are not uncommon. However, in such tales their disposition varies widely. One should always treat solitary creatures with caution.

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