Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Confederacy of Traders

Tin Mine, Artist Unknown
Like the Merchant's Republic, the Confederacy of Traders refers both to a region, and to the merchants who belong to the trade group of the same name. Both groups compete for the resources of Calbria, and control of trading them with neighboring countries and kingdoms across the several seas. The Confederacy lies between the rocky west coast of Calabria, and the Iron Hills to the east. The port Citidel of Carin is a member of the Confederacy. Pitkin to the south leverages relationships with both the Confederacy and the Republic. The land provides a mix of crops, shepherding, and cattle. The numerous tin mines are rumored to be haunted by Tommyknockers (Kobolds)
Claude Lorrain
A coastal road winds along the Bay of Balgar, connecting, linking many of the tin mines.

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