Saturday, October 8, 2011

Concerning Elves

Edward Burne-Jones
Elves are beings most attuned to Time, and revere Kronos, god of time, among all others. Tales of "immortal lands", where time passes differently among the elves, are common. A frequent motif is the tale of an adventurer who ages immediately upon returning to "mortal lands" after spending time among the elves.

Elves are masters of the hunt, and revel in dance and song. It is said that in the age before The Shattering, they trafficked often with humans. In these days, they either remain secluded, or travel incognito. The males are often mistaken to be females by humans, due to their graceful movements and ageless skin.

John Collier

Their gleeful nature it not to be mistaken for naivete as elves can be not only quite ancient, but deadly as well. It is wise when encountering elves to speak little or not at all. It is best to avoid them altogether.

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