Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Merchant's Republic

Asher B. Durand
The Merchant's Republic is a name not only of a region, but also of one of the three major trade factions in Calabria. Consisting mostly of fertile farmlands on low lying hills, the area provides most of the crops for  not only the land of Calabria, but also for trading with neighboring kingdoms and countries. Wheat and other grains are the primary crops.

Numerous villages and towns dot the landscape. It is bordered on the south and east by Woodbury Forest, the west by the Iron Hills, and the north by Freehold and the eastern end of the Silver Hills.

Conrad Wise Chapman
The Via Imperium, or Emperor's Road, passes through the heart of the Republic.  Members in good standing benefit from having their travels looked over by the protection of the Road Watch. Guilds which refuse to contribute to the common fund often find their caravans accosted, and their goods stolen by faceless highwaymen.

It is not uncommon for these highwaymen to retreat to the darkness of Woodbury Forest. The port city of Birg Nor on the Northren sea is a member of the Republic.

The Mern and Danute Rivers traverse the Republic, along which many farms cover the landscape.

Isolated woodlands, long ago part of Woodbury forest, offer cover for game, wild beasts, highwaymen, and darker creatures. The Dire Bogs, a series of peat bogs, lie between the Mern River and the Iron hills and span some 30 miles north to south. Travel through this area is treacherous, as even the Via Imperium has sunk into the bog in some places.

There are several notable fortified towns in the heart of the Merchant's Republic. Wilksbury, at foot of the Irons Hills strategically overlooks the Via Imperium. Moresbury is situated on an Island in the midst of the Danúte River, and controls travel on the via Imperium through the lowlands of the Republic.

Hubert Robert

Carrnach and Carrdech lie opposed to each other across the Mern River, some 10 miles apart, and control travel both on the Via Imperium as well as river traffic through the Republic down the Mern.

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