Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Greenwood

The Greenwood is the second largest contiguous woodland in Calabria after Woodbury Forest. Situated between the Iron Hills and the Merchant's Republic, The Greenwood a lush woodland of Oak, Ash, Yew, Chestnut, Alder, Rowan, Maple, and Elm. 

The forest is divided into three distinct sections, two of which are dedicated to the Clans of the Men of Old;  of the Clan of the Bear, and the Clan of the Wolf. The third and southernmost section is the Weald of the Merchant Princes.

Asher Brown Durand

The Clan of the Bear is bordered by The Greenrush on the south, and extends to the northermost reaches of the forest. All forestry in this area is done by consent of the Clan of the Bear. The steading halls of the clan are situated in the sloped woodlands of the Iron Hills.

Thomas Moran

The Clan of the Wolf spans from the Red River to the south, and The Greenrush to the north. The steading halls overlook the gorge of the Red River, some 1000 feet below.

Rosa Bonheur

The Weald of the Merchant Princes extends from the Red River to the southernmost reaches of the forest. The Merchant's Republic has long made use of this land for foresting and hunting. It it still called Kingsweald by some, an antiquated term dating back to the Empire.

Sanford R. Gifford

Wyvern Falls drop precipitously from near Erech's Peak (el. 6,000 feet), down almost 4000 feet to the forested floor below. The lake near the bottom of the falls is neutral ground between the Clans of Bear and Wolf, and has been the site of many negotiations between the clans.

Thomas Moran

Imperial Falls cascade some 1800 feet over the course of less than a mile. Further up, the Red River continues to climb toward the summit of the Iron Hills, nearly 13,000 feet above the lands below.

Caspar David Friedrich

Barech's Peak climbs nearly 8,000 feet, and is said to be the home of giants.

Benjamin Williams Leader

The Gryphon's Spine, at an elevation of 10,000 feet, is home to the Clan of the Gryphon. The peaks above 10,000 feet are seldom without snow gracing their caps.

Caspar David Friedrich

Maren Vale conceals the ancient burial tombs of Imperial and Pre-Imperial rulers.

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