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Harrow Parrish, County Carr

Harrow Parish is a vibrant locality, located in County Carr in the heart of the Merchant's Republic. The fortified town of Carrnach sits high atop a hill, giving it's residents a vantage point to see for miles in all directions. The parish contains the Village of Harrow, as well as hamlets in the North Hundred, South Hundred, and East Hundred.

Harrow Parish, County Carr, Merchant's Republic, Calabri: 1" = 1 Mile

George Vicat Cole

The town of Carrnach boasts some 7000 residents, and can be seen from miles around. Carrnach is governed by a council of 7 Merchant Barons and Princes, and controls trade traffic on the western route of the Via Imperium through the Merchant's Republic. Together, both Carrnach and Carrdech control river trade down the Mern.

Jan Van Goyen

Village of Harrow is host to some 1,000 residents. Another  1,800  residents live throughout the parish. The Village of Harrow is accessible by the Harrow Ferry.

Harrow Keep lies across the Harrow Lake from the town of Carrnach.

Thomas Miles Richardson

The waters of Harrow Lake are deep and hold many secrets

The Parrish offers the best of idyllic life, and has seen many generations of peace. The Parrish is a flourishing fishing, farming and shepherding community. Other resources are the plentiful peat of the dire bogs, timber from the Greenwood, and iron from up the Red River.

Some of the finest spirits in Calabria are brewed in Harrow Parish.

Eduard von Grutzner

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