Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fenrow Parish, County Carr

Fenrow Parish extends from the Mern River to the eastern route of the Via Imperium through Merchant's Republic in County Carr. The Village of Fenrow lies about 2 leauges southwest of Carrdech. The territory is mostly gently rolling farmland, with several small groves. Carrdech has a population of some 6,000. The Village of Fenrow is home to nearly 800 people. Another 1,300 people live throughout the parish.

Philip de Koninck

Carrdech lies nearly 5 miles from the Mern River, across which lies the sitster town of Carnach in Harrow Parish. The Mern is a widely used trade route in the Republic, particularly near Carrnach through the Dire Bogs where the western leg of the Via Imperium is impassible by large caravans.

George Turner

Life is pleasant for the people of Fenrow Parish, in a countryside unmarred by war for generations.

Philip de Koninck

The area is blanketed in farms, with grain and livestock being the main resources of the region.

Jacob van Ruisdael

Numerous Imperial ruins dot the landscape. Most are shunned by the locals as the dwelling of ghosts, spirits, and Sidhe.

Caspar David Friedrich

Jacob van Ruisdael

The Town of Carrdech is famed for its tailors and weavers. The finest rainments in Calabria are fashioned in Carrdech.

Albert Anker


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