Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Clans of Men of Old

Ever have there been peoples who kept to the Old Ways. With eyes ever watching from the wilderness, they have seen the futility of the feats of man; building ever stronger, taller, and more expansive, only to be crumbled to dust by the whim of the Gods. With steady stride, these watchers continue in their traditions, unruffled by the noise of those who would feign to shape the earth as if it were theirs to mold.
Thomas Cole

N.C. Wyeth
They live in the heights of the mountains, or in the deepness of the wood. They live by calming rivers, or near the crashing shore. And in these places of solitude, they commune with all that is; leaf, wind, and creature of the earth. They derive their strength through root and stone; through crystal spring and summer storm; through winter's fire and the lactation of the ewes.

Nicolaj Albildgaard

Their secrets and their ways are preserved generation through generation with story and song. Not a single word of the Old Tales are written in their hand in the markings of the men of cities; rather, they are carried on blessed tongue, to the fortunate ears of those with the grace to listen patiently.

The earth and the winds listen also to their tales, as do the forests the the beasts of the fields, the flame and murmuring brook.

William Beard 
It has been told that these clans have each a special bond with a totem; a creature of Phanes, lord of all animals. A bond so strong that language is shared between man and beast, and that there are those who can take the form of such an animal at will.

William Beard

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