Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Bogeymen and Bugbears

Theodor Kittelsen
Larger than Goblinkind, this frightening group of creatures are ever at war with mankind. Though their appearance varies widely, and they all shun the sun, these creatures of darkness have several varieties.

Bugbears live in dark forests, from which they seldom venture.
Roads passing through these forests are treacherous even in daytime, as the overhanging canopy creates a perpetual twilight within the woodland.

Henri Fuseli
Orcs live in the earth, and are particularly loath to venture out into the sun. They will seldom be found outside far from a cave opening, with roots that delve deep.

Gargoyles are flying creatures of the night.

Bogeymen are the most mysterious of all. Some say they are creatures of the element of Time, and are able to vanish at a moment's notice.

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