Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of the Gods: Phusis, God of Flora

Phusis is lord of all plants; trees, grass crops, vines, roots, and fungi. He is revered by all who rely on plants for sustenance; the woodsman, the farmer, the shepherd who grazes his flock. He is despised by creatures of darkness, who feast only on the flesh of the living, and the undead, who recoil at many of the creations of Phusis.

Guiseppe Archimboldo

Phusis has many names; Green Man, John Barleycorn, Jack-in-the-Green, the Woodwose. The sixth day of the week is called Grunesdad, recalling the sixth day of Creation when, when plants sprang from the earth.

Thomas Cole

Callawin was the Archon of plants. It was he who taught man the secrets of tilling the earth and sewing the field. It was he who revealed the poisons and medicines within plants, and the secret of fermentation. 

Carvings of Phusis in his Green Man incarnation are common throughout Calabria. Festivals in the Spring and Fall celebrate Phusis in his sewing and harvesting facets.

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