Monday, January 23, 2012

Of the Gods: Kronos, God of Time

Kronos is the lord of Karma as Cause and Effect, as well as the Father of Entropy. He is revered by strategists, and all who plan for their future, as well as prisoners, parted lovers, and all who wish that time would fly more swiftly.

Salvator Rosa

Guido Cagnacci

The first day of the week is called Kronosdag. It recalls the first day of Creation, when Cause and Effect came into being. The first age of the gods was a time of war, with Unmaking the most powerful of weapons. Kronos then forged the Ouroboros, that what was was Made could not be Unmade. There are those who theorize that should the Ouroboros ever be broken, that all Creation would be as risk of destruction.

Pieter Bruegel de Oude

Darkstar was the Archon of Time. It was he who taught men how to craft the millstone, the winch, and the gear. Dwarves learned these lessons eagerly.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The New Year is the Festival of Kronos. His temples contain elaborate clockwork mechanisms.

Elves pay particular reverence to Kronos, as they are rooted in the element of Time, as is their homeland, Tir Na Nog.

Francois Simon Pascal

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