Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Of the Gods: Gaia, Goddess of the Earth

Gaia is the earth goddess, from whom all growing things spring. She is revered by farmers, vintners, and all who make their living from the cultivation of plants.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Thomas Moran

The fifth day of the week is Gaiasdag. It recalls the fifth day of creation, when the Earth sprang from the crashing Waters.

Samuel Hieronymous Grimm

Aesther, Archon of Earth, taught the first smiths to forge the plowshare and the sword. She taught the masons the secrets of making brick and mortar. Her handiwork is seen in earth formations throughout Calabria.

Circa 1870 Artist Unknown

Smiths have a special adoration of Gaia, as the metals they work with are of the earth itself. Dwarves are bound to her, and have vast temples beneath the earth in honor of her.

Gaia's fury is demonstrated in the wrath of the Stone Giants. 

Peter Paul Reubens

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