Monday, October 24, 2011

Thieves of Calabria

In all ages, in all places, theft is present. However, there are times and places where thievery is raised to an art form. Such a place is Calbaria, 1300 years after The Shattering.

Hieronymus Bosch

The cities of Calabria are home to sly pickpockets, ever on the lookout for unsuspecting residents and newcomers.
Many a traveller has left Pitkin with a lighter purse, without ever having spent a single coin.

Artist Unknown

Body snatching is all to common, as necromancy and other dark deeds require the corpses of the freshly dead.

Sidney Sime

The gallows are an ever tempting source for bodies among thieves.
Remains of murderers are particularly potent components for fetishes and potions.

Caspar David Friedrich

Ancient burial sites are tempting lures.  Such places lace fireside tales of forgotten treasure.

Sidney Sime

Yet when those tales turn to untold wealth that would make the greatest merchants of Calabria envious, it is the lairs of dark creatures that hold the attention of thieves, and lure them to their doom.

N.C. Wyeth

No matter how many fail to return, or have the gruesome nature of their deaths retold in hushed voices, ever are there venturesome souls, eager to try their luck and skill against the odds.

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